I always planned to run my own tech blog. It’s funny how long it took me to get started.

An idea about tech blog probably came on the second year at university around 2013. Instead of using WordPress or another blogging engine I have started developing blog application using Spring in early 2014. I had no experience in building web applications. So this project was good learning opportunity. After 4-5 months I had a somewhat functioning prototype. But this application hasn’t reached daylight.

A Year later in 2015 July I have started writing next iteration of my blogging application. This time I have chosen Grails for backend and Angular for front end. This time my vision was bolder. I tried to include many unnecessary bells and whistles in simple blogging application. I even tried to implement a notification system that would send XMPP message, when somebody posted a comment on my blog. After 6 months I had a working version, but again it has not reached daylight. At least I have gained some experience working with more modern JS libraries.

There was an even third iteration of blogging application. In the, middle of 2016 I have started playing with spring boot. So I had idea to rewrite my second version from Grails 3 to spring boot, because Grails seemed too heavyweight for simple application. I’m happy that I haven’t got that far with it. I have only made couple commits.

Here I am more than 3 years later, with couple blogging application prototypes and without a single blog post. Funny, isn’t it?

This time I chose Jekyll instead of writing 4th iteration of blogging application. I like Jekyll because of its simplicity and transparency.

In this blog, I’ll try to share what I’m working on and what I have learned recently.