Lately I have been playing around with Kodi on Rasberry Pi 2.

And I have noticed that all of Youtube videos seem pixelated on my 1080p monitor. After poking around I have found out, that videos are being played at 720p resolution.

After digging around online, I have found a solution for this problem.


In this article I’ll be using Kodi 18.0

  1. Install InputStream Adaptive addon

  2. Open Youtube Add-on settings. (To open sidebar you can press left arrow button, when in Youtube addon)

  3. Navigate to MPEG-DASH and enable Use MPEG-DASH toggle

  4. Then go into Configure InputStream Adaptive and set Min.Bandwidth (Bit/s) to arbritary big value such as 10000000.

  5. Save changes and restart your device.

After these steps videos should be playing at 1080 or higher resolution.

As always if you have any questions or suggestion, feel free to comment below.